About Alseyee Bio

Alseyee Bio is a health and nutrition foods company based in Nairobi Kenya that sources, packs and distributes various health foods including spirulina, tamarind, moringa, black seed, baobab, cashew nuts, and natural honey. Recognizing the need for quality and affordable healthy foods, Alseyee bio en-devours to provide very quality authentic health foods to its customers affordable and reliably

Alseyee Bio Founder

Alseyee Bio Limited was founded by Alfred Seyee, a spirulina expert who studied at the School of Biological Sciences in Agri-campus Toulon University in France. Alfred has extensive knowledge in Spirulina cultivation and its uses and continues to undertake continued extensive scientific research activities.


Alfred Seyee



Alseyee bio products have been tested and certified by various health organizations in Kenya among them including:

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