Stevia Powder

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Stevia, (Stevia rebaudiana), also called sweet leaf or candyleaf, flowering plant in the aster family (Asteraceae) grown for its sweet-tasting leaves. The plant is native to Paraguay, where it has a long history of use by the Guaraní people. The leaves contain a number of sweet-tasting chemicals known as steviol glycosides, which can be used fresh or dried to sweeten beverages or desserts and can be commercially processed into powdered noncaloric sweeteners. Steviol glycosides, particularly the chemicals stevioside and rebaudioside A, can be more than 300 times sweeter than table sugar and are nonglycemic (i.e., they do not affect blood glucose levels). Touted as a healthier alternative to sugar, stevia sweeteners grew in popularity worldwide in the early 21st century.


200 times sweeter than sugar
has zero calories hence hep in weight management
Its pure natural substitute for sugar
Helps to regulate blood sugar hence safe for Diabetes
Does not cause  tooth decay
No toxic artificial substitute

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Add a half teaspoon of green stevia to a cup of tea, a glass of smoothie or your preferred drink


50g, 100g

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