Prunus Africana

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Prunus Africana tree is native to 21 countries in sub-Saharan Africa . It is a highland forest plant that grows in humid and semihumid conditions at an altitude of about 900–3,400 m above the sea level, with a mean annual rainfall of 890–2,600 mm and a mean annual temperature of 18–26°C

The discovery of the medicinal properties of the P. africana bark for a myriad of health conditions initiated a massive harvest of its stem bark for international market needs To date, there has been an increasing demand for the bark of P. africana both locally and internationally, for the production of herbal medicines for the treatment of prostate cancer and related conditions

Benefits of Prunus Africana

Relieves back pain
Treats arthritis
Remedy for gout
Relieves joint pain
Manages/prevents blood cancer
Prevents prostate cancer
Kidney purification
Treats Hummer
Treats boils
Relieves the body of general fatigue
Fights acne
Blood detox
Cleanses Urinary tract system
Relieves allergies

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Use in hot water, tea, milk, or porridge;
Adult 1- teaspoon
Children  1\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\2  teaspoon


50g, 100g, 500g

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