Epsom salt

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Epsom salt is one of many naturally occurring mineral salts, a compound of magnesium and sulfate in rock-like formations. The name “Epsom salt” is a nod to the town of Epsom, located a stone’s throw away from London in England, where the salt was supposedly discovered about 400 years ago.

Benefits of Epsom salt:

  • Relieves arthritis, gut, and joint pains
  • Eliminates scales and cracks on the foot surface
  • Great antifungal and detox solution
  • Improves blood flow hence foot inflammation
  • Helps nerves function properly
  • Eliminates body figure and lack of sleep
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Add 4 tablespoons of Epson salt per liter of water, keep adding hot water to maintain the warmth. For every 1/2 liter of water added, add 2 tablespoons soak to 30-40minutes.

Soak 3 times a week.


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