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Lepidium meyenii, known as maca or Peruvian ginseng, is an edible herbaceous biennial plant of the family Brassicaceae that is native to South America in the high Andes mountains of Peru. It was found exclusively at the Meseta de Bombón plateau close to Lake Junin in the late 1980s.[1] It is grown for its fleshy hypocotyl that is fused with a taproot, which is typically dried, but may also be freshly cooked as a root vegetable. If it is dried, it may be further processed into a flour for baking or as a dietary supplement. It also has uses in traditional medicine. As a cash crop, it is primarily exported as a powder that may be raw, or processed further by the supplement industry: gelatinized or made into an extract.

Maca, also called Ginseng Andin, Peruvian Ginseng, Lepidium meyenii, or Lepidium peruvianum, is a relative of radish and smells similar to butterscotch. Maca is a plant that grows on the high plateaus of the Andes Mountains. It’s been cultivated as a root vegetable for at least 3000 years. The root is also used to make medicine.

Benefits of Black Maca

Highly nutritious
Increases libido in men and women
Increases fertility in men
Helps relieve symptoms
Boosts sports performance and energy
Improves learning and memory
Reduces prostate size

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Put half a teaspoon in a glass of coffee, tea, hot water, fresh juice, and breakfast cereal.

For better results use maca powder twice a day in the morning and evening


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